How-to Apply Eye Shadow According to your Eye Shape!

An easy guide of how to apply eye shadow perfectly to each eye shape!

Almond Eyes-


Those with almond shaped eyes are considered to have “perfect” proportions and so any eye technique will work!



Close set eyes-

close set

Eyes which are narrower than one eye width are considered to be close set. Use light colours in the inner corners, and use dark colours to extend the outer corners, this will bring in light and make eyes appear wider. Only line the outer corners of the eye and focus mascara heavily on the outer lashes.


Down-turned eyes-

down turned

The focus of this eye shape, is to shape “up and out”. Apply liner close to the upper lash line and blend shadow along the socket line in the outer 2/3 of the eyes. Curling lashes and applying a lot of mascara will also help to “lift” the eyes. If you want a mascara that holds curl well, go for waterproof since it has more wax.


Deep set eyes-


Deep set eyes are where the eye is deep in the socket, with a small mobile lid. Apply light colours on the mobile lid to draw in more light, and use a deeper colour on and just above the socket line, blending up and out for a classic look.



Protruding eyes-


This eye shade has a bulge from the sock to the lash and can be difficult to work with. The best way to shade this eye is to work with medium –dark matte colours, focusing more on the outer corners rather than the socket of the eye. Try avoiding liner on the lower lashes and try sweeping the colour from the outer corner down along the bottom lash line.


Hooded eyes-


This is where a fold of skin hangs over the socket line. This is more common with age. Try to keep make up as simple as possible and work with only matte colours, preferably in neutral medium-dark tones. Avoid heavy eyeliner and try a grey kohl instead of black as this will be much softer.


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