The 10 Commandments of Foundation!



The 10 commandments of foundation!

1. Always make sure that your skin is hydrated!

Keeping the skin hydrated will not only keep it healthy but will cause it to appear smooth and radiant. Find a good moisturiser that works well with your skin type. Before applying foundation be sure to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate for the most even results.

2. Find a formula!

If you have oily or acne-prone skin go for oil-free or mattifying formulas. These will stop your face from looking greasy and are less likely to spread bacteria. For those with normal to dry skin hydrating formulas are best for you! If you have sensitive skin try look for non-comedogenic or hypoallergenic formulas as they won’t block your pores and irritate your skin!

3. Match Up!

Finding your perfect foundation shade can be irritating sometimes. To find your colour don’t test it on the back of your hand but along the jawline instead! Choose a shade you think matches along with one shade lighter and one shade darker and swatch each along your jawline. In natural light, check out your reflection and the shade which disappears is your winner.

4. Seasons Change!

Most of us will find that our skin tone gets lighter or darker throughout the different seasons. Depending on the change of tone try purchasing the foundation shade that is one hue lighter or darker than your normal. Mix a drop or two in with your regular foundation until you’ve reached your desired shade. Simple as.

5. Prime Time!

Primers are used to smooth out the complexion and most allow the make-up to last throughout the day. There are many kinds of primer to suits all skin needs. For example, green-based primers are used to counteract redness, lavender-based primers are used to brighten dull skin and yellow-based primers are used to conceal dark circles and patches on the face.

6. Conceal!

Cakey looking make-up is never a good look. To avoid this apply a creamy concealer over areas of the face where you feel need it and then follow through with a small amount of foundation. Remember to blend well for a natural finish!

7. Foundation.

Drop a small amount of foundation onto the back of your clean hand or onto a make-up palette. Using your desired foundation tool (foundation brush, stippling brush, blender sponge or your hands) lightly apply the foundation onto your skin. Be sure to keep the application even all over the face and to include the jawline and neck! The key to a seamless, natural finish is blending, so blend away!!

8. Learn How to Contour!

Contouring is all about defining the face. Use a darker powder or bronzer with little to no shimmer and with a smaller angled powder brush, sweep the powder along the hairline, around the curve and into the hollow of the cheekbone and down onto the jawline. Think of it like the shape of a number 3! Blend out with a fluffy brush.

9. Bronze Away!

Bronzer will never fail to give you a beautiful glow regardless what season it is. Using a bronzer brush (or large powder brush), sweep a tiny amount onto areas of the face the sun would usually hit, such as the forehead, nose and cheekbones. And be sure to blend!

10. Light Up!

Highlighter will give you an instant lift by drawing in natural light to the most flattering points of your face. Apply a small amount down the centre of the nose, along the brow bone and onto the cupids bow. Blend well and you’re ready to go!


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