May Favourites!

mayfavesSo May has finally left us for what will be (I hope) a much more sunny June, and if you’ve had nothing but lovely sunshine this may then I envy you. But enough of the weather, here are my favourites for this month:


Batiste dry shampoo in blush. Like every summer I have fallen in love with dry shampoo all over again and no one does it better than Batiste! Like every girl I get lazy with my hair and often by the end of the day it is left feeling-what I can only describe as- blehh. SO whether it’s for a quick freshen up, adding a touch of texture or taming that 2-day hair, this dry shampoo blends effortlessly and leaving your hair fresh and smelling amazing! They have a huuuge range of scents and super-pretty packaging too.

M.A.C zoom lash mascara. Although I am a firm believer in the whole “drug-store-mascaras-are-just-as-good-as-high-end-mascaras” fad, I have to admit I’m in love. A friend recently gave this to me as a gift and it’s divine. I also realise I’m a tad late (try 4 years) with jumping on the bandwagon with this mascara but if I’m honest it’s just never appealed to me before. But now I’ve found that my lashes are left looking and feeling strong, curl holds almost all day and the boldness barely fades so there’s no need to re-apply! Brilliant.

Great hair shampoo. This stuff is just… well great. Like most women the ends of my hair are often left feeling dry and having fair hair using a conditioner everyday tends to weigh it down and leave it feeling greasy. Not fun. So my mum came home with this and I’m considering hiding it from her I love it so much. The formula is enriched with Argan oil and Natural Betain and Pro Vitamin B5 and all that yummy hair goodness to nourish and lock in moisture! I apply it about half way down my hair (as it’s still oil so adding that to my roots may not be so good) and let it work in for around 2-3 minutes before rinsing out and my hair feels light and fresh and super soft. It also smells great too. (ps to clarify i do wash my hair with regular shampoo first so my roots get some attention too)

Garnier summer body. So i am what nice people call porcelain but what honest people call pasty and that is simply because i live in the land of darkness i.e. the UK. And because I refuse to embrace this pale-ness, self tanner is one of my best friends. However, as good as a good self tanner is the hassle of moisturising and waiting for it to dry-then self tanning your upper half and waiting for that to dry before you do your legs incase you get that awkward thigh imprint, then waiting for everything to dry before you get dressed so your clothes don’t stain and then finally ending up smelling like buscuits- is not. Enter Garnier Summer body Gradual Tan! This is basically an intense moisturiser and gradual tanner in 1. My skin is left smooth and has a nice bronze glow which is always even. So no waiting around, no hassle, just as simple as everyday moisturiser and perfect for summer. It also smells like apricots which is an added bonus!



Coloured jeans. I love these so much, to me brightly coloured jeans just scream summer and are a new wardrobe staple. I recently picked up a pink pair and a turquoise pair from H&M and I just find myself wanting to wear them everyday because (as weird as it sounds) they actually lighten my mood and make me feel more confident. At first I was at a bit of a loss as what to pair them with but I’ve found the easiest way to style coloured jeans is with a more neutral top and basic accessories that don’t take attention away from the main focal point of the outfit. And now I’ve started talking about them I just want to go and buy every colour out there…

Pendant necklaces. Over the years I’ve accumulated quite a collection of costume jewellery and in particular pendants. But recently I’ve just been addicted to them again; layering them, pairing them, mixing and matching them, and I admit it’s a bit of an odd addiction but I just love how they can be so simple yet so dynamic to an outfit. Topshop always have the best range of cheap yet relatively good quality pendant necklaces, so if you’re searching for some I’d check them out as well as maybe H&M.

Guilty pleasure-

e6e8a3438c7aa9e0d3020b87e0c8db6aIce cream. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! …but i scream the loudest.

I know, I know, ice cream isn’t exactly the best thing in the world to eat a lot of but I just love it so and honestly I blame my friends and boyfriend for this. Because it’s getting warmer everyone wants to go get ice cream and I have close to zero willpower so never say no or never want to say no. I sound like i have a bit of a problem, I promise you I don’t…




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