Hints and tips


#01 When it comes to fixing those flaws the number one product has to be the concealer. But did you know that a warm pink lipstick will distract the eyes from blemishes and other imperfections on the face as well? Thus leaving you with a perfect complexion.

#02 Everyone loves a hot shower on a cold morning but hot water followed by cold air can lead to rough skin! To lock that moisture in pat yourself dry and follow with a thick body lotion.

#03 When choosing the right foundation shade test the product near the skin of your jawline. This will ensure the tone chosen for your face doesn’t differ from the natural shade of your neck.

#04 A quick way to refresh your make up is by spraying it lightly with water. Whilst your face is still damp begin re-blending the foundation or concealer you already have on.

#05 Use a mint green concealer to cancel out the redness of pimples.

#06 Sweep a mattifying primer all over the face before applying foundation and it will stay on all day, no meltdown!

#07 Pimples? Make up used to cover up blemishes tends to clog pores and worsen the skin. To avoid this try skipping the foundation and using a concealer with zit-zapping ingredients like salicylic acid instead.


#08 Shaky hands when applying eyeliner? Fear no more! Try drawing dashes along your lashline to begin with, then go over the line a second time to connect the dots.

#09 For added drama and a perfect shape, line eyes first with Kohl and then go over it with liquid or gel!

#10 Keep your eyes open when applying eyeliner as it will keep the line even.

#11 Sweep a metallic shadow over your lids and blend out at the crease for a quick easy smoky eye.

#12 Eyebrow tip: Apply a dab of Chapstick to a brow brush and shape. Voilà your brows will stay put all day!

#13 No eye shadow primer? Remove excess oil from the eyes before eye shadow application with a pressed powder or oil free concealer instead.

#14 To make the whites of your eyes stand out line your inner rims with navy eyeliner or use a navy mascara.

#15 Half asleep? Avoid layering up the foundation and stick with a tinted moisturiser instead. Follow with a beige eyeliner as it will counteract any redness around the eyes.

#16 Apply mascara to false eyelashes and it will help them blend in a bit more seamlessly with your natural ones.

#17 Eyebrow tip: the space between your brows should be equal width to your eyes and should start where they line up with your nostrils.


#18 Plump up lips by dabbing a lip gloss on the centre of the lips over a lip-tone lipstick. This will reflect light and make the rest of your face look smaller by comparison.

#19 For a fuller lip effect with a dramatic lipstick try adding a dab of white shimmering eye shadow to your cupids bow.

#20 Stop lipstick from fading by applying a waxy lip balm and filling in your lips with lip liner beforehand.

#21 For a sexy everyday look apply a deep berry lipstick and blot until only a wash of the colour remains.


#22 If you have greasy hair avoid applying conditioner everyday and only apply to the ends of hair around 3 times a week. Conditioners are heavy and weigh down hair, most leave a thick residue which can make hair (especially thin hair) look and greasy after around 8 hours of application.

#23 If you need to tame frizz and static in a hurry run a tiny amount of hand cream from root to tip for sleek strands.

#24 If you have thin hair and want to keep it from feeling dry without having to use a heavy conditioner everyday, opt for a moisture infused shampoo such as ‘Aussie Miracle Moist’ which leaves hair feeling soft and smooth without weighing it down.

#25 Add some oomf! to an everyday bun by teasing the hair at your crown using a wide-toothed comb.

#26 Eliminate frizz along the hairline by misting a toothbrush (unused) with hairspray and brushing those pesky hairs into place!


#27 No nail polish remover? No problem. Just apply a layer of clear nail polish and removepromptly with a cotton ball. voilà!

#28 Massage some cuticle oil (or olive oil) onto nails to give them an extra shine.


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