The 10 Commandments of Foundation!

  The 10 commandments of foundation! 1. Always make sure that your skin is hydrated! Keeping the skin hydrated will not only keep it healthy but will cause it to appear smooth and radiant. Find a good moisturiser that works … Continue reading

Helpful Hint #15

#15 Half asleep? Avoid layering up the foundation and stick with a tinted moisturiser instead. Follow with a beige eyeliner as it will counteract any redness around the eyes.

How to make the most of your liquid foundation!

4 in 1 liquid foundation! Your favourite liquid foundation can actually be made into 4 other products with just a little know-how! Tinted moisturiser Tinted moisturisers are that half-way point between foundation and a moisturiser and are the perfect base … Continue reading

Helpful Hint #07

#07 Pimples? Make up used to cover up blemishes often tends to clog pores and worsen the skin!  To avoid this try skipping the foundation and using a concealer with zit-zapping ingredients like salicylic acid instead.