Helpful Hint #21

LIPS: #21 For a sexy everyday look just apply a deep berry lipstick and blot until only a wash of the colour remains.


Helpful hint #20

LIPS: #20 Stop lipstick from fading by applying a waxy lip balm and filling in your lips with lip liner beforehand!

Helpful Hint #19

LIPS: #19 For a fuller lip effect with a dramatic lipstick try adding a dab of white shimmering eye shadow to your cupids bow. This will bring in light and make your lips look lusciously plump!

Helpful Hint #18

LIPS: #18 Plump up lips by dabbing a lip gloss on the centre of the lips over a lip-tone lipstick. This will reflect light and make the rest of your face look smaller by comparison.

Helpful Hint #01

SKIN: #01 When it comes to fixing those flaws the number one product has to be the concealer. But did you know that a warm pink lipstick will distract the eyes from blemishes and other imperfections on the face as well? Thus leaving you with a perfect complexion.